Ashlyn P, Class of 2017 – Central Florida Senior Photographer

I am so lucky to have met this girl and had her on the JLP 2k17 Street Team. She has brought some amazing qualities to the group, including her amazing passion and talent for video and music. I feel like I’ve known her and her mom for years! Just so easy to get along with and down to earth! Ashlyn stays busy being the Eustis High Varsity Cheer Captian! She’s also found a talent and love for video production and even making her own music! I can not wait to see where life takes you girl and I wish you all the best as you follow your dreams!

Ashlyn-111316_1184_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1188_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1192_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1209 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1220_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1227_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1253_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1258_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1266_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1281_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1289_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1287 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1294_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1325 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1323_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1329_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1330_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1342_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1372_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1379 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1348_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1396_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1398_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1401_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1422 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1423_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1425_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1426_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1445_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1466 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1470_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1486_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1496_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1500_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1501-2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1502 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1507-2 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1508_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1523_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1526 2_JLP Blog.jpg
Ashlyn-111316_1530_JLP Blog.jpg

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