Web-About-PicI’m a wife, a mommy, and a photog.
I am so incredibly passionate about what I do. I absolutely LOVE capturing memories for not only myself and my family, but for YOURS.


What does that mean?
>it means capturing your life—little moments and big milestones you never want to forget
>it means creating breathtaking images that actually capture your family or senior’s personal style
>it means offering heirloom quality artwork to hang in your home— to fill your walls with memories

I believe you should have your story told. I believe moments and milestones should not be forgotten—the little and the big ones—and you should have heirloom quality keepsakes to pass down from generation to generation. Whether you’re a parent or a senior in high school, these images are going to be priceless when you’re old and grey and your memory has faded (or if you’re like me, young…ehhem, a few grey’s that you are always pulling out—gah!…and your memory is already starting to be iffy). Let’s create your story to look back on!

Why did I become a photographer? I’ve always had a camera in my hand. I don’t want to forget a thing. I love capturing all the little details, as well as those big moments. When our first son was born, it really put things into perspective for me. How time flies. How having pictures of his first day home, first steps, or his first haircut bring me back to that exact moment in time. How important it is for me to not only capture these special moments, but get in front of the camera myself and truly be in the moment.

…To the mom of the 6 month old…where did the past 6 months go? You can still smell that newborn smell can’t you? Don’t let it fade away! Did you just recently stumble on a tiny onesie or leftover itty bitty diaper. How is she 6 months already?

…To the mom of the kindergartner…how is he in kindergarten already!? How is that even possible? Do you remember leaving him for the first time, so nervous, calling and checking in with the sitter. All you did while you were out was talk about him wasn’t it? And now you’ve sent him off to kindergarten, how is that possible?

…To the mom of the senior…oh sweet momma…when you look at her can you remember the moment you first laid eyes on her? The moment you brought her home? When she started smiling at you? That gummy smile she would give you, oh that gummy smile. Her first steps. When you sent her off to kindergarten that very first day. Her first recital. Her first crush…heartbreak. Teaching her to drive…maybe you left that to dad. Now. Now she’s all grown up. Look at her. This gorgeous girl about to head off into the world. You’re so proud. But where did the time go? How is it in just a few short months she’ll be walking across that stage…wasn’t she just the little girl that loved playing dress-up? How did it go by so fast?





>I’m a born and raised Florida girl!
>I’m proud to be a Dr. Phillips Panther, Class of ’99 (it’s OK, you can sing Party Like It’s 1999 the rest of the day, you’re welcome!)
>I was a graphic designer for 8 years before becoming a photographer
>I met my husband at work. We couldn’t stand each other when we first met. Ha! Opposites attract right?
>I have two of the most beautiful boys on the planet and I often sit and stare at them and think how in the world did I create such perfect little humans
>I’ve seen every single episode of Saved by the Bell
>I LOVE to travel and wish I had more time to do so. I’ve been out of the country 5 times: The Cayman Islands, Italy, Canada and Jamaica
>I hate asparagus. Hate. Like seriously haaaaate, gag!!! I’m literally grossed out just thinking about it

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