When I say my senior Ella ROCKED her senior session, I mean it!! I'm obsessed with this whole shoot and Ella's whole entire vibe she brought. I'm so thankful I was able to really capture her personality and show her how truly beautiful she really is, inside and out!

The morning after her session her mom sent me the sweetest e-mail and in it she thanked me for "working with Ella to help her to feel seen and beautiful." It meant so much because, that is one of my most favorite parts of my job and why seniors are my favorites to capture—the part where I get to help a young girls' (or guys') confidence, and to help them feel seen!! More so than ever, our children and young adults need to feel seen and heard to help build and foster their confidence so they can go on to be happy, successful adults.

Honestly anyone can gain a real confidence booster from a gorgeous photo of themselves...you know when you nail that selfie it puts that pep in your step! Having confidence can make a huge impact, especially in young, emerging adults about to go off into the world. I love bringing out each of my seniors' personalities in their sessions, so it's more than just a photo, but the location, the styling, everything shows something special about the senior. It helps tell their story and show the world who they are, even if it's just a little glimpse.

You would never know Ella doesn't love her photo taken. Perhaps that has changed after our session together. Either way the camera loves her and so will the world as she heads off into it! Congrats girlie, you're meant for some really rockin' things!!