“The days are long, but the years are short.”

I can’t wait to create authentic, beautiful artwork of your family during this season of your life.

I want to capture the real version of your family. The soft little hands in yours. The genuine laughs from tickle fights. The way the love of your life looks at you when you’re not looking. That belly laugh your teen gives you that reminds you of when they were itty bitty. Those in between moments and the connection you have as a family. I feel like these moments captured are what you’ll truly cherish for years and years to come. That is what I would describe as an “Authentic” session, and what I have found is my favorite way to capture families.


April C.

“I absolutely adore Jessica! She was able to catch beautiful and real moments with my family. I teared up when I saw our gallery! Thank you Jessica, for your talent and your love for photography.”

01 / 08

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