So grateful to capture this family year after year. And this may be my favorite session yet! (I think I say this every year, lol!) But seriously, we had the perfect weather, the colors and style came together so nicely. I just love every bit of it! It's pretty special to think how long these girls have grown up right in front of my lens, like their whole lives!

In fact I've been thinking about that quite a bit lately. I have so many clients of mine that I've been photographing for 9-10 years! I feel really lucky to be documenting so many sweet families lives, and to know that these photographs will be around for generations is just such an amazing feeling of gratitude and honor.

While I'm on the subject, this is a PSA to print your photos! Either straight from your online galleries, or... anywhere just print them! Your children will love looking at them every year, trust me! And every year that passes they get more valuable and more valuable.

I offer LookBooks that more of my families should take advantage of. Imagine a stack of coffee tables books on the console table, or coffee table, but it's of your own family year after year. The entire session printed within each magazine style book. I'm starting to sound salesy, but I feel they are worth the risk of sounding cheesy! Check out >>this<< post if you want to learn more about my LookBooks. I am more than happy to print from old sessions as well!